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X-rays, also known as radiographs, play a crucial role in veterinary medicine for diagnosing and assessing a wide range of health conditions in pet animals. X-rays are conducted to visualize the internal structures of an animal’s body, including bones, organs, and soft tissues. They help veterinarians detect fractures, identify foreign objects, diagnose respiratory problems, investigate gastrointestinal issues, assess heart conditions, evaluate joint health and more. We at BLUE 7 VETS employ different technologies for x-ray imaging. Digital radiography is commonly used, allowing for instant image acquisition and manipulation, reducing exposure time and the need for retakes.

This technology produces high-quality images that can be easily stored, shared and enhanced for better visualization. In some cases, specialized techniques such as contrast studies or dental radiography may be employed for specific diagnostic purposes.

Our Veterinary professionals prioritize safety during x-ray procedures. Protective gear, such as lead aprons and thyroid shields, is used to minimize radiation exposure to both the animal and the veterinary staff. Additionally, x-rays are performed judiciously, with the radiation dose adjusted based on the animal’s size and the area being imaged.

  • Digital Domination:
    Digital radiography has revolutionized veterinary imaging. It offers instantaneous image acquisition, superior image quality, and the ability to enhance and manipulate images for optimal visualization.
  • Focused Techniques:
    Veterinary x-ray examinations encompass various specialized techniques. Contrast studies employ contrasting agents to highlight specific areas of interest, aiding in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders or abnormalities in blood vessels. Dental radiography plays a pivotal role in evaluating oral health, identifying dental diseases, and guiding dental treatments.
  • Advancing Animal Care:
    Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is also done here, providing three-dimensional images for detailed assessment of complex structures. This technology offers enhanced accuracy for surgical planning, orthopaedic evaluations, and dental procedures.

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