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Cardiac Facilities for Pets

We at BLUE 7 VETS provide comprehensive cardiac care facilities to address the unique cardiovascular needs of our furry companions. Cardiac care for pets includes preventive measures aimed at maintaining heart health and detecting potential issues early on. Regular wellness check-ups, including heart auscultation (listening to heart sounds), monitoring blood pressure and evaluating heart rate and rhythm, help identify any abnormalities or signs of cardiac disease. Additionally, maintaining a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, and managing weight are important preventive measures to promote a healthy heart. Cardiac care becomes crucial when pets exhibit signs of cardiac disease or are at a higher risk due to factors such as breed predispositions, age or underlying health conditions. Identifying and managing cardiac issues early can improve the prognosis and enhance the quality and duration of a pet’s life.


Cardiac Medications

Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Electrocardiography (ECG)

Ongoing Monitoring and Follow-up

Clinic Service Advanced Cardiac Diagnostics

Our Clinic utilizes advanced technologies for cardiac evaluations. These may include:

  • Electrocardiography (ECG) for identifying abnormalities in the heart’s electrical conduction system
  • Cardiac Catheterization allows for direct visualization of blood vessels and pressure measurements within the heart
  • Echocardiography helps diagnose conditions such as heart murmurs, congenital defects or heart muscle diseases
  • Holter Monitoring helps to identify and analyze abnormal heart rhythms that may not be captured during a regular veterinary examination
  • Radiography provides valuable information about the size and shape of the heart, lung congestion and potential signs of heart disease
  • Blood Tests such as NT-proBNP or cardiac troponin levels are conducted to assess cardiac function, detect inflammation or evaluate the severity of heart disease

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