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At our veterinary clinic – Blue7Vets, we offer comprehensive consultation services to address all aspects of your pet’s health and well-being. Our experienced veterinarians are dedicated to providing professional guidance and personalized care for your furry companions. Here’s what you can expect from our consultation services:

Thorough Examinations

To assess your pet's overall health taking into account their medical history, behavior or any specific concern.

Diagnostic Assessments

Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and laboratory facilities to aid in accurate diagnoses.

Individualized Treatment Plans

 For medication, dietary Recommendations, behavioral interventions or other therapeutic modalities.

Behavior and Training Support

 We recommend strategies to manage or modify their behavior effectively.

Client Education

 We answer your questions and provide Educational resources to support your role as a responsible pet owner.

Preventive Care Guidance:

To keep your pet healthy and Protected through vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental care and nutrition advice.

Your First Consultation

Get a purr-fect experience for your furry friend at our vet clinic. We offer consultations for all our fluffy and furry friends. Bring them in for we would love to meet them.




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